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His best friend

The noise and the silence in one second and eight tenths. The noise of the supporters that whistle against you, the noise of the opponents who call the defence, the noise of the ball that slips in the basket, the noise of the final siren. And the, silence. Silence of those supporters who whistled against you and of those opponents who bow their heads and stare at the locker rooms. 

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Run'N'Gun Vibes #02-Crudo Volta is a young collective focused on DJ culture and music curation.Crudo Volta's idea is to use the languages ​​of visual communication and sound system culture to narrate and participate actively in the development of urban music culture that can trace its roots to contemporary sub-Saharan Africa.

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Time wins on necessity of cleanliness. It is a biodegradable slovenliness. Parterre is my home.

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